Richmond TX Homes For Sale

Richmond TX Homes for Sale

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Richmond in Houston is a suburban community that has been voted the best place to live for numerous years. 

This should come as no surprise as it offers all of the amenities one would want, such as Oil & Gas Energy industry jobs and education options, while still being close enough to downtown or other major cities without ever feeling too isolated from civilization. 

The development began in early 1900’s when Westside expansion was planned into Richmond TX Home communities based on single-family residences (1 house on 1 lot). 

Today residents can find anything they need within city limits: schools, medical facilities; even entertainment venues are nearby!

If you want to grow your family or move closer into the city without sacrificing space, Richmond TX for sale offers perfect homes at a convenient location. Fifteen minutes away from World Famous Energy Corridor situated near Katy Freeway I-10 West and nestled in between two of North Houston’s most prestigious neighborhoods (and schools), this is one suburban community that truly has it all!

Homes in Richmond are uniquely located just 15 minutes west on Katy Freeway with easy access to Highways 99E & 290 which will take you directly downtown Dallas. Plus, these newly constructed houses offer more than enough room for an expanding family thanks their thoughtful floor plans designed by world renowned architecture firm TEN Arquitectos who have been responsible designing some of Mexico

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Richmond TX Homes For Sale - Offer Varieties Of Needed Functions Such As Core Features Below:

Top Ranked School District: Many well-funded exemplary Fort Bend ISD zones as Tom Wilson Elementary and Beckendorff Junior High to award winning Seven Lakes High School in Katy.

Contemporary Lifestyle Community Setting: Large-scale open air developments with ample recreational amenities, such as golf courses, lake views or biking/walking trails along with tennis courts and swimming pools planned for Aliana Farms

With a variety of price points, there are many different homes available. The starter home’s entry level pricing starts from mid $200K’s to middle range offerings such as $550K+. 

There is also luxury custom builders which ranges up to the higher end prices at around the $750-$1M mark. New and year 2000+ vintage houses can be found in Richmond/Katy Homes.  

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Commercial Lifestyle Plazas: These open air concepts have been around since the mid-2000s, but they’ve really taken off in recent years as a new way to spend time while shopping. 

The LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch is one of these plazas and it’s known for having an ample number of outdoor park spaces dotted with smaller parks for kids. 

There are also golf courses, miniature water parks, bike trails and playgrounds surrounding Richmond Texas homes which makes this location perfect if you want your family to live close by!

Large Outdoor Spaces: Open areas offer plenty of room to relax during shopping sessions thanks to their expansive design that can be seen all across Highway 99 from mall like stores such as La Centera at C

Richmond, VA is one of the safest cities in America. This has been attributed to our well-funded police department and location as a suburb on the outskirts of DC rather than an inner city setting. You can view crime stats from recent years by clicking here!

The Richmond Police Department are funded more highly than other departments nationwide due to their successful policies that have made this suburban town safe for families with kids who want peace of mind when they leave home every day.

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You can’t underestimate the value of a good location. Richmond, Texas is one such place that should be on your radar if you’re looking for quick and substantial growth in home values over time. 

For example, within the past decade homes have seen an average 15% gain according to Zillow’s internal data. So not only does it offer many amenities with its close proximity to Houston Energy Corridor favorites including BP and Technip; but also because there are always people buying up these beautiful homes as well due to their desirable locations coupled with upkeeps meant for optimal living standards- thereby boosting prices as demand continues outstripping supply!

Houston has long been recognized for having some of America’s most successful neighborhoods including The Woodlands which frequently

Recent Build Vintage:  The residential zones in Richmond started 20 years ago, and majority has been newer developments. The average home’s age is relatively young incorporating new design concepts (i.e., high ceilings and open floor concept). 

All public infrastructures are new versus other areas of Houston which helps promote economic growth for the municipality as they continue to improve upon their community sectors such as roads widening, infrastructure and school district upgrades through continuous improvements from experienced managers who oversee all city affairs on behalf of City Board of Commissioners

Our agents can organize community or property tours around Richmond TX homes for sale and Katy TX Homes.

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Buying Richmond TX Homes For Sale

Buying a Richmond TX home will give you the perfect setting for starting out or even investment purposes. 

If you’re in search of homes, there are various housing options to choose from including those found on Katy Homes’ website which includes zip code 77406 as well as 77450 and 77494.

The following items are needed to start the purchase process: 

  1. Mortgage Pre-qualifying Letter from Bank or lender
  2. Current contact address
  3. Property Offer Package
  4. Purchase process consultation


You’ll know that you’re in the right place when you see our Katy TX Realtors, who are ready to help guide and assist. They’ve been through it all over 2 months worth of experience with other clients- they’ll get your home sold by following up on every lead!

Our Katy TX Realtors will guide you every step of the way through this exciting process! We promise that after buying a home with us, it’ll be like all your dreams have come true.

A typical purchase usually takes 2 months on average from start to finish and our experienced team can help make sure everything goes smoothly for you. You won’t regret choosing them as they are always looking out for their clients’ best interests and ensuring an easy transition into homeownership

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In the Richmond and Katy area, you’ll find an abundance of residential homes that are strategically built along Interstate 10 West and West Park Toll Road. 

Along with these two main roads come some great shopping centers like Parks at Southwest Freeway-Westpark Town Center, which is a popular destination for all sorts of shoppers who live in this neighborhood.

Best neighborhood examples around Town Center are:

Cinco Ranch
Grand Lakes
Cinco Ranch Southwest
Silver Ranch
Lakes of Bella Terra
Harvest Green
Long Meadow Farms

Our agents can provide additional neighborhood information on real estate in Richmond, Texas.

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Richmond TX Homes For Sale Out Of Budget Perhaps Looking To Rent

Purchasing a Richmond TX Home could exceed your current budget, but signing up for an affordable rent in Richmond is not as hard.

The process of renting there can be less hassle than actually owning one and the monthly payments are usually more reasonable anyways!

Would-be tenants in Richmond, Katy or other cities will need to bring the following items if they want a lease:

  1. 3 months of wage deposit or salary pay slips
  2. FICO Score (660+)
  3. 1 Month Security Deposit
  4. First Month Rent
  5. Background check statements
  6. Any reference from previous landlord
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The Richmond area is the right place for those who want to live in one of the best neighborhoods with a variety of housing options.

You can choose from entry-level homes, which cost about $1400 per month and offer 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, or luxury houses that are available at rates starting around $4000 per month!

With agents there on hand to help you coordinate tours as well as set up any necessary paperwork, your new home search has never been easier.

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Contact Richmond TX Homes for Sale agent Today

Richmond TX Homes For Sale Selling Points

Choosing the right agent is a daunting process. There are few stages to prepare when selling or listing your residence in Katy, Richmond, Houston and surrounding areas. 

Our agents at Reland Homes can assist each step of way while minimizing lead time for best possible sales price! Whether you’re first-time seller or repeated seller, these items below will make it easier on yourself by making sure everything’s covered before taking any action:

  • Contact our Richmond TX Homes for Sale Realtor as representation:

Call 281-450-3236 or Contact us

You can trust an experienced agent to take care of the details, and that’s why our team is here. Our agents will protect you from any troublesome issues or potential losses so contact us today!

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Richmond TX Homes For Sale - 3 Additional Selling Points

  • Realtor onsite consultation and advisement Q&A:

We’ve got the expertise and experience to help you get your property in front of buyers. Our professional real estate agents will provide a market evaluation onsite, giving their expert opinion with suggested pricing that meets today’s standards for home sales. 

The most up-to-date stats are used–the last 6 months’ worth of sold data plus current trends in the Richmond Tx area. We’ll also give you all necessary compliance paperwork along with an explanation about our full process from start to finish so there are no surprises throughout the sale when it comes time for negotiations or any other hiccups during this challenging era we’re living through! We can’t wait to show off some properties and answer any questions at our upcoming consultation sessions!

  • Preparations for Photo Ops:

When it comes to selling your home, take advantage of the power of visual media by using professionally taken twilight photos. These pictures will make any house look like a shining gem amongst dull stones. 

Homeowners also need to help with cleaning and decluttering before listing their homes for sale because that is what potential buyers are going to come in contact with first thing on an open-house tour or when they search online listings for Richmond Homes for sale! 

Not only does this improve curb appeal but these efforts can go a long way toward convincing prospective homeowners that scrubbing down floors isn’t so bad after all–just think about how much nicer you’ll be able to keep them looking once we’re done working our magic!

  • LIVE listing online and social media:

This marketing package will be submitted to major outlets such as, and many more. Facebook and other influencer techniques will be employed simultaneously to increase the likelihood of success!

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Richmond TX Homes For Sale - 3 more further Selling Points to consider

  • Open House hosting:

How would you like to explore a new property in person? Join us on the 1st weekend of LIVE listings for an open house event! These events are hosted every month and gather people from within a one mile radius, so if it looks good online then come by for an up close examination.

  • An Offer within 21 Days!

With a new marketing plan, you’ll be able to sell your Richmond home in just 3 weeks!

Poor quality homes are often priced too high and lack the proper marketing tactics that they need. But not anymore because with our state-of-the art methods of advertising – we’re confident this will change for good! With only one offer within three months on average from previous sales, it’s clear as day how much these outdated techniques were holding us back. Don’t let potential buyers pass by without even giving you their best offers; if there is any doubt about getting quick money out of your house then make sure everything else falls into place first: pricing strategy, staging arrangements etc., before finalizing anything more than a handshake agreement with prospective clients

  • Begin Closing process:

Closing typically lasts 30 days from the date of contract signing. A selected title company handles most of this process, and our Richmond real estate agent will be there to guide you through it with advisement.

In Texas, sales commission is customary paid by property seller as an agreed percentage during final closing session.

Richmond and Katy Realtor fees is a 6% cut on the sale of your home – or less with higher value homes! This means if it’s worth $250,000 to sell your house in Richmond then they’ll take away 15 grand. The agents will divide this up between themselves (the other side) so that everyone gets their fair share

For more money-saving opportunities, be sure to ask your selling agent about current promotional events on discounted realtor commission fees or FREE general interior cleaning. If you also want a fresh exterior that looks like new again, they can offer the same service for free!

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Richmond TX Homes for Sale Other Selling Points

Richmond Texas is a perfect city for the family. Families in Richmond public schools have some of the best education opportunities around with its nationally ranked high school, Seven Lakes High School and Cinco Ranch High School. 

The students who graduate from these schools go on to successful careers at notable colleges like UT Austin or A&M University as well as Ivy League universities so you can be sure that your child will get an excellent education here too!

The good education system in Richmond Texas is difficult to substitute, and with the additional boost real estate agents get from selling homes there.

New Richmond TX Homes for Sale

The latest affordable subdivision to the City of Houston is Richmond TX. With a commute time that ranges from 35 minutes Downtown and 25 minutes for Galleria, it’s perfect if you’re looking for new homes in Texas. 

The variety of different brands has something at every price point; Lennar Homes offers entry-level pricing (under $230K) while D.RHorton or K Hovnanian offer more mid range options with prices over 325k respectively

Large Selections of mid-range (over $325K) pricing has brands such as D.R.Horton Richmond TX, K.Hovnanian Richmond TX or Aston Woods Richmond TX.   

Factors influencing Richmond TX Homes for Sale

Richmond TX homes for sale are influenced by many factors, which is why our realtor will be able to advise the best course of action. This applies not only to Richmond’s standard homes but also houses that fall under Luxury listings in this area due to their detailed-oriented nature.

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Fireplace can be a great selling feature whether in use or not