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The Greater Houston area is big and diverse. 

One of the many things the area offers is a different type of neighborhood experience for everyone.

Here are some of the ten best neighborhoods in West Houston, including some key points for each one.

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ALIANA is a community of small homes and narrow streets, located just west of the 610 Loop. 

This is a historic neighborhood with tree-lined streets and unique architecture. 

The street layout are very narrow, but it lends itself to communities that feel intimate and cozy. 

The homes here are unique, small and very affordable. 

This is a great West Houston neighborhood for families who want to downsize from bigger homes in other areas of Houston.



Cinco Ranch is located in Katy TX, a part of West Houston neighborhood which was once an agricultural area. 

The layout of the community consist of small neighborhoods in a very large subdivision.

This makes it feel like you are living in your own little city. 

Unlike other subdivisions there are no commercial areas available for businesses to grow and prosper from. 

The homes here range from mid-size to large and are very affordable. 

If you are looking for a quiet, comfortable living without the noise of commercial areas then this is an ideal place for you to live in.



The Grand Lakes neighborhood is one of the most sought after West Houston neighborhood in Houston, Texas. 

It was developed by the award winning Hanover Constructors company. 

In fact this neighborhood is so desirable that when it first opened many people were on waiting lists to purchase their home here. 

Grand Lakes is a very beautiful subdivision of mid-size homes and luxury homes built specifically for families with high expectations. 

This neighborhood has a lot to offer families that live here. 

It is located in close proximity to local schools and recreational facilities.

As well as having its own pool and jogging trails for residents to enjoy. 

Located at the heart of Grand Lakes is the Building #202 Park where residents gather on weekends and holidays.



Located in east Houston, Katy TX is a very fast growing community. 

The setting consists of small houses and medium size homes with large yards. 

This area was once dominated by agricultural businesses that catered to local farmers.

However, it’s been replaced by new housing developments now. 

If you are looking for a home in an affordable price rangeand in West Houston neighborhood then this is the ideal place for you to find your dream home. 

There are also several grocery stores available nearby as well as a major department store for you to enjoy shopping. 

The subdivision is very quiet and laid back, but also close enough to Houston that residents can easily go into the downtown area for entertainment.



Located southwest of Houston in Missouri City, this community has been rated one of the Top 10 largest subdivisions in the United States. 

This West Houston neighborhood is a great place to live for families who want to have plenty of room without spending too much money on their homes. 

The subdivision consists mostly of mid-size and large houses on large lots.

You can enjoy comfortable living with no noise from commercial areas nearby. 

In addition there are no long wait lists for purchasing homes here because house prices are very reasonable. 

This is a great place to live in for individuals who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Houston.

Yet still not too far that they cannot travel there easily.



Richmond, located in Fort Bend County was established by William W. Dean and his brother-in-law Horace H. Kempnerin 1892.

It was as a port community on the Brazos River for farmers to ship their goods through so they could get to their markets in town

This is a historic West Houston neighborhood with tree-lined streets and unique architecture. 

The street layout are very narrow, but it lends itself to communities that feel intimate and cozy. 

The homes here are unique, small and affordable. 

This is a great neighborhood for families who want to downsize from bigger homes in other areas of Houston.

TRAVIS AFB is located in Richmond, which means it has a higher than average number of retirees living here. 

This makes this neighborhood great for families, even if they have children or pets because there are plenty of people who can watch out for them.

The schools in Richmond are some of the best in Houston.

Richmond is a great place to live, there are plenty of activities available for families and pets.

The schools in Richmond are some of the best choices for parents and it is a close commute to downtown Houston.

Making this one of the Top 10 Neighborhoods In West Houston.



The Seven Meadows neighborhood is one of the highest quality West Houston neighborhoods located in Fort Bend County. 

This neighborhood was built from a master plan idea, which means every home and structure follows the same design. 

The entire community is protected by mature trees and beautiful landscaping. 

Seven Meadows have several playgrounds and recreational facilities for residents to enjoy. 

They also have an indoor swimming pool, spa, and fitness center for residents to enjoy. 

Seven Meadows is made up of homes that have between 3,000-4,500 square feet of living space in them. 

This gives families ample room to move around without feeling too cramped. 

The neighborhood also has a club house with several meeting rooms available for homeowners or renters to use at their leisure.



Stafford is a West Houston neighborhood made up of highly rated schools, very safe neighborhoods, and plenty of house options. 

It has many houses within the Top 10 Neighborhoods in Fort Bend County such as Stafford Village.

This subdivision offers a mixture between single-family homes and apartments for individuals who are interested in renting rather than purchasing their own home. 

The neighborhood also serves as a great location for families who need to travel a little further away from downtown Houston.

It’s not too far that they cannot feel the convenience of being in the city.



Located in Fort Bend County, Sugar Creek has been around since when it was first built in 1960’s. 

This neighborhood is designed with winding streets and beautiful landscaping which makes the area feel safe and secure. 

The homes here have a wide variety of floor plans as well as sizes that are available to individuals who want a nice home without spending too much money.



Sugar Land is located in Fort Bend County and was established in 1878. 

It is the perfect place for families or individuals who want to live in the city but not deal with a lot of the noise and busy traffic that comes with it. 

Sugar Land has great schools, open spaces, plenty of shopping centers, entertainment options;.

Everything you need is within a short drive away.

Expert Insights On West Houston Neighborhoods

The 10 neighborhoods we’ve covered offer a wide variety of amenities and lifestyles. 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to raise your family, or an apartment with easy access to downtown Houston.

These are some of our top picks in West Houston

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